Job Seeking Tips


Unemployment is among the major problems facing the youth in current times. Irrespective of your qualifications, getting a job is not quite easy. Lack of jobs and high competition are the top reasons leading to this problem. However, as an individual, there is a lot that you can do to improve your chances of landing your dream job. Some tips to help you are highlighted below.

Tips to help you land a job

Work on your resume


The first thing that you have to do is write your resume. Make sure that it stands out, highlighting all your strengthsĀ and everything that you have to offer to the company in which you seek a job. You can have as many copies as you wish, each tailored to the specific companies that you will send them to. Remember to accompany the resume with a good cover letter. It is also okay to pay a professional to do your resume for you if your resume writing skills are not very good.

Improve your skills

Most employers want employees who can actually get the job done in the most efficient way possible. Due to high competition, having extra skills compared to your competition will improve your chances of landing the job. The extra skills can be both in the line of work that you wish to join or a supporting field. For example, you can go for higher studies in your field or do some short courses in other fields, which can come handy in your work. Make sure you update this on your resume. Avoid listing a skill that you do not have, as it may cause you an opportunity.


ytkgutdrtgydrytiiujNetworking can go a long way to help you get a job. Get as many relevant contacts as you can and work them to get a job opportunity. This includes family and friends. Attend functions and events where you think potential employers may be to increase your social circle. You can also try social media. Websites such as LinkedIn can also connect you with potential employers. Make sure you are active on such sites and subscribe to job alert services.

Watch your conduct

How you present yourself to others also matter. Make sure that you dress accordingly and behave well, especially when called for an interview. That may be the difference between you getting the job or not. Sending original, well-crafted thank you notes to the interviewers, for example, may put you in their good graces as they make their considerations on whom to hire.…